GLUING BY WEIGHT: This system makes the adhesive dry more quickly by strategically placing weight on the deck, so that the glue is evenly spread and in contact with both teak and steel at all times. Because the weight is placed where needed, different amounts of adhesive can be applied under the deck to correct any levelling imperfections. This is the most commonly used method, as it is quick, efficient and suited to any kind of craft.

VACUUM GLUING Vacuum gluing ensures 100% contact between the adhesive, the teak and the surface of the boat, while also removing all excess adhesive.
To use the vacuum method, the area should be closed off to everyone other than our staff, as the plastic used for the vacuum process is highly delicate and any loss would mean a serious problem. The entire area should also be kept free of tools and must be perfectly level, and the shipyard must provide a mains electricity supply for 24 hours uninterrupted.




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