With our system for changing the caulking, we can not only extract the old material, we can also rectify each groove to the width and depth required, leaving each one clean and ready for resealing.
Normally, with the passing of time, the teak will expand and contract, altering the size of each groove by tiny amounts.
For example, if all the grooves were originally 5 mm wide and 7 mm deep, over time and depending on the number of times the deck has been sanded, these may vary between 4.7 and 5.4 mm wide, and 3 mm in depth. When replacing the oldf caulking, we alter each groove as little as possible, so that the caulking can be replaced again in the future without the groove width changing too much from its original size. In this case, we would use 5.6 mm instead of the usual 6 mm, with a depth of 7 mm or as required by the owner.











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